Payroll Bureau Services



Payroll Bureau Services.

A Dedicated Payroll Bureau Service

Businesswork Solutions is a dedicated payroll bureau service using the latest Computerised software to bring you an efficient and comprehensive service. Businesswork Solutions also specializes in removing your headaches of having to work out Tax, National insurance, Holiday pay, Pension schemes and so on.
Easy Setup

We can handle and easily setup all your payroll needs and complexities. And if you have 1 or a 1001 employees we have the necessary experience to keep up with new legislation and technology, and pass on the benefits of our expertise direct to you.
Key Benefits

The key benefits of using our payroll solutions is that you will receive accurate pay slips and reports made on time, ready to your staff with the added benefit of:-
  • A fast, responsive payroll service with ongoing support and updates for rapidly changing legislation;
  • Extensive payroll summaries, and security sealed pay slips;
  • Payment methods for cash, cheque, giro or bacs;
  • Work out your PAYE and NI contributions;
  • Holiday, sick and maternity pay;
  • Family Tax Credit;
  • Pension deductions and the ability to forward these employee contributions to their pension provider;
  • New employee paperwork;
  • Leaving employee paperwork and P45;
  • End of year forms and procedures;

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